Minggu, 20 Agustus 2017

My Plan

Tasya:"What will you do next holiday? "
Dhyne:" I will go to Lombok"
Tasya:"Wow! Seriously? With Whom you do it?"
Dhyne:"Yes, with my family"
Tasya:"How will you do it?"
Dhyne:"On first day I will go to Gili Trawangan, and I will stay in Ombak Sunset Hotel for 3 days. And on the second day I will go to Gili Meno and Gili Air, and the last day I will bought some souvenir for my friends
Tasya:"When will you do it?"
Dhyne:"I think at 5th December."
Tasya:"Why do you plan it?"
Dhyne:"Because I am curious about beauty of Lombok"
Tasya: Wow ! that's amazing! By the way i also want to have a holiday
Dhyne: Where are you going?
Tasya: I will go to Korea,Italy,America
Dhyne: Wonderful!
Tasya:" Okay, Happy Holiday"
Dhyne:"See you!
Tasya:"See you too!"

Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017

My Memorable Teacher

I have a teacher in Junior High School.
She is not academic teacher, but she is a counseling teacher.
Her name is Ms.Euis Mulyani.
I like her, because she is very friendly to student and also very kind to us. She is a young teacher but she also have a children now.

She is so beautiful. Beautiful face and beautiful heart. Although she is kind, she also wise in the school.
She always help students who are have a problem in school or privacy problem. She usually give us a motivation and give us solution for the problem.
Include the problem between a senior and junior, she helps them and make them to make peace. She can do it.

I have ever a problem with my friend, and i visit the counseling room, she gives me a solution and spirit for me. And after that, i usually feel well

Sometime she as once stren when my school had a Raids. In Raids, she seized our smartphone because my school had a rules to don't bring a smartphone. I don't know why the reason my school had that rules.

But, of all that, she is the memorable teacher in my school. All students love her and she did too.
We are happy that we have a teacher like her.

Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

My New Friend.


-At School-

Dhyne:"Hi! I'm Dhyneke Pramitha. What's your name?"
Tasya :"Hello! My Name is Nabila Tasya. You can call me Tasya. Can i call ypu Dhyhne?"
Dhyne:"Sure! Ypu can call me whatever you want. What's your previous schoo, Tasya?"
Tasya :"I'm fom 14 Junior High School. What about you?"
Dhyne:"I'm From 16 Junior High School."
Tasya :"Sorry but can i know where is 16 JHS at?Because i don't know everything about Bandung."
Dhyne:"It's okay Tasya, 16 JHS is at PHH Mustofa street. I know everything about Bandung. You can              ask me anything about Bandung."
Tasya :"Whooh! I'm so glad to have a friend who can tell me more about Bandung
Dhyne:"I'm glad too!"

Minggu, 30 Juli 2017

Its Me!

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Annyeong Haseyo

Let me know my self, I'm Tasya, my fullname is Nabila Tasya Azahra, I'm from Bandung.
You can call me Tasya, but my bestfriend always call me tasyux,syuk,tasyuk. But you can't call me Nabila. because i hate it, i don't know the reason why i hate when other people call me Nabila.
Now, i study at SMAN 3 Bandung, i'm so proud that i have been accepted in that school.
My Previous school is at SMPN 14 Bandung .

I have best friends in Junior High School.
Let me introduce them
They are Shafa Maulida, Nissa Syakira,Ghaida (gege) and Arnidats.

I'm so happy with them because they are always make me laugh.
Now, Shafa study at SMA Sumatra 40 bandung, Nissa and Arnida study at SMAN 20 Bandung and Gege study at Senior high school 19 Bandung.

Ok, now i want to tell about my self.

I live at Puyuh Dalam street in Bandung. if you want to know me you can contact me at ntasyazhr@yahoo.com/ntasyazhr@gmail.com and i will tell you my id Line .
I have a sister, her name is Ananda Lucya, she is study at STIE EKUITAS university, she is 20 years old. You can call her Nanda or Ananda. She is cute and beautiful. She has a lot of friends at her university. She also smart at accounting lesson.

I like kpop, my fav boyband are EXO,BTS,Seventeen,Got7 and Super Junior.
and i have a dream that i want to next study at UNPAD university or ITB.  I wish i can be accepted at that university.I want to be a doctor to help people who are sick, please pray for me so that i can be a doctor.

I want to travel around the world, there are Europe,America, Korea,Japan, and Mecca.

My Hobby is watching Korean Drama, Reading wattpad,novel,webtoon and take a nap.
My Favorite Korean drama are Goblin, ruler master of the mask and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.
I have a crush, but i call it "Cinta bertepuk sebelah tangan" wkwkwkwk , because he doesn't know that i like him.

That's enough for about my self, now i want to tell a story about my best friends.

Nissa Syakira, she is 1 year younger than me, she is very beauitiful, has a bright skin and  has a short hair. She is enjoyable girl, if you chatting with her , you will enjoy it.

Shafa Maulida CH, she was born on May 25th 2002. We always play in Shafa's house and shafa's mother always give us food and drink, that's why we are enjoy in shafa's house. Shafa has one sister and one brother. Shafa's sister name is Anin but i don't know Shafa's brother name. Shafa likes oh Sehun very much.

Ghaida Rahmani is the one who always listen to all about my story. she always understanding me, and give positive respond to all my story, although my story is not very important.

ArnidaTS has a same side of me. Have a crush at the long time but now Arnida has successfull to move on from her crush. I also want to move on from my crush but it's too difficult. You can call her Arnida,Nida,Ninid,Nid,Nidong. Arnida has one sister and one brother same as Shafa. Her Sister also have been Study at 3 senior high school. But Arnida's brother now is a soldier.

Ok, i think it's enough, hope you enjoy my blog. Don't forget to contact me and visit my instagram ntasyazhr. Thank you!

Love you as always♥